Ariel is the result of continuing innovation from parent company P&G. In the 1960s, the washing machine was taking off but clothes weren’t white enough. Ariel, launched in 1967, combined an enzyme-based compound with encapsulated bleach. Further developments included the first liquid detergent in 1985, Ariel Color in 1992, liquitabs in 2001 and 3in1 Pods in 2012.

Through all these innovations, Ariel has understood how clothes can affect your life. Your favourite clothes are important because of what they mean to you and what they represent: happy memories, unforgettable stories and great moments lived together with your loved ones. Your clothes were there with you, and they should stay with you – as a memento, and also to witness more and more of these moments.

Ariel's commitments to sustainability include water, energy and packaging. P&G believes that sustainable behaviour is a shared responsibility, so its environmental commitments come in two parts: making its products more sustainable, and helping the users of its products make their life more sustainable.

Ariel partnered Love Your Clothes on the Know Your Care Labels #InsideOut campaign in 2016.

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Know Your Care Labels #InsideOut

Love Your Clothes is delighted to be supported by Ariel for our Know Your Care Labels #InsideOut challenge.  We want to get the nation...

Blog posted by Love Your Clothes on 17/05/2016