wardrobe audit

5 ways to breathe new life into your wardrobe

That age old adage – ‘so many clothes and yet nothing to wear’… if this sounds like you, here are the perfect tips from stylist Emma Slade Edmondson to make your wardrobe work harder for you!

1) Re-think the way you wear things

Think out of the box. Don’t get restricted by the way you ordinarily wear a piece. Get creative and check out the trends for inspiration. Think:

- Layering tops, sweaters or even jeans under strappy slip dresses

- Add a bow tie to a buttoned up shirt

- Style sporty track pants for everyday with a blazer, a statement clutch, and some boxy heels

- Break the rules – instead of neatly tucking your skinnies into your boots this winter – consider a cropped jean silhouette and let the hem of your jean graze the top of your boot show a little of your patterned tights or a naked ankle even.

2) Go season-less

Opt for season-less piece that you can get more wear out of! Dungarees are a great example – dress them up with heels or dress them down for winter with a roll neck and your Adidas superstars. Throw a T-shirt over it and you’re ready to pop out for a casual lunch. With some pointed pumps and a blazer, it can serve as chic work wear. It even transitions nicely into night time if you add some statement jewellery.

3) Make alterations

Altering old favourites is a good way of extending the life of your clothes. Adding a badge to a denim jacket, dress or sweater is still a fashion lover’s secret weapon when it comes to a speedy, unique customization trick. But why not go further and consider taking up the hem on your jeans to create some on trend crops for example. If you can sew on a badge, I’ll bet you can take up a hem…

4) Shop with your wardrobe in mind

When adding a key new piece to your wardrobe – shop for the wardrobe you already have and choose quality-pairing pieces that will evolve your capsule looks. Be more creative with the styling of what’s in your existing wardrobe. It’s really rewarding and considering what you’ve already got will help you to shop smarter.

6) Discover charity shops and vintage seconds

Bag yourself a bargain – charity shops can be full of the little treasures. Find yourself an afternoon to trawl the local thrift shops. My tops tips for hitting the charity shop:

- Don’t try to mirror an era. Instead mix your eras – if you add a pair of retro 90s high tops or sneakers to a cheeky little 60s dress you’re going to look much less like you stepped out of your nans closet and more like an accomplished style maven.

- In some respects, if you’re unprepared, charity shopping can feel a little like shopping on Boxing Day. For those who are not accustomed, I find it’s best to go at it with a clear idea of what you’re looking for in mind, to avoid feeling overwhelmed or unsure. So, decide on an outfit you need for an occasion and look firstly for key pieces you can build around. This key piece can either be from the charity shop or it can be from your existing wardrobe, and if this is the case be sure to bring it with you. If you need inspiration the easiest place to start is the new season’s trends.