6 Style Hacks to Make Your Old Jeans Look Fresh Again

Guest blogger and fashion designer Feiruza Mudessir shares some handy style hacks to make the most of your old jeans.


Whether it’s in denim, fashionable fabrics, or other tantalising textiles, it’s the common go-to garment that both men and women opt for when they have “absolutely nothing to wear”.

From streetwear outfits to high fashion and couture, jeans can be the perfect pair to strut around in. But what do you do when you get tired of your fave fashion garb?

Update and Upcycle

The answer is simple.

All you need is a dash of daring and chock full of creativity. Jeans can be given a new lease on life through upcycling. Upcycling is creatively reusing your jeans and trousers by updating its look with artistic techniques and use of various materials.

May it be flared, skinny, wide cut, or custom made, jeans can be made to look fresh and new again without breaking the bank. You don’t need to shell out or go to extreme lengths just to wear stylish slacks. Just scour your closet for some old fabric, raid your desk for some colourful markers or pens, or look around for some fabric paint and other cute thingamabobs and voila – you got yourself a pair of trendy trousers

Here are some ways to update, reinvigorate, and create a fresh new look for your tired jeans:

1.      Crazy Cut-outs

If you’ve got some old shirts or fabrics lying around, why don’t you cut it into interesting  shapes and sew it on your jeans?

Cool prints on old T-shirts can be cut out and sewn onto the back pocket of your jeans. You can also cut out shapes like stars or hearts and sew it on the knees – or back pockets – of your jeans. For those who aren’t confident with a needle and thread, you can get a heavy-duty textile adhesive and carefully glue it on the spot you want to decorate.

2.      Fun Fabrics

Aside from cutting out fabric shapes, you can also use fabrics to revamp the look of your old jeans.

For example, you can use a silk floral scarf as an accent to your jeans. Just tie it on one of the belt hoops by the hip and you can sashay away. You can also use it as a belt by twisting it and tying it around your waist.

Another idea is to sew a colourful bandana on the inside of the back pocket and let it hang over the pocket for a more rustic look.

3.      Fringe Fashion

Feeling funky? You can sew on fringes either down one side of your jeans or on both. You can also try adding fringing on the top of the front pockets andon the back pockets.

You can also fray the edges of your jeans to make fringes. Accentuate it with beads, make tiny braids, or interlace it with small ribbons. Fringe and fray your jeans however you feel like.

4.      Paint Perfect

Bored with your plain Jane jeans? Get some fabric paint and paint away.

Whether you go for pretty pastels or vibrant hues, you can definitely create a whole new look for your jeans with paint. You can paint on abstract art, nature-inspired drawings such as flowers or bees, or even use calligraphy skills for cool quotes or bold statements.

You can also use colour blocking. For instance, you can paint a block of different tones on the lower half of your jeans or asymmetrical shapes along one leg or both. It depends on how you want your jeans to look..

5. Pretty Pearls

To add a touch of  glamour to your  jeans, you can also use pearls.

Pearls of different sizes can be sewn or glued on your jeans. It can either be in a specific pattern or just casually sprayed over an area such as around the  hip part cascading down to the thigh area. It can also be combined with studs, beads, sequins or gems depending on how you want it to look.

Pearls can also be sewn on top of the pockets, like polka dots all over the jeans or in swirls in certain spots.

6. Terrific Tie-Dye

For a groovier vibe, you can also add tie-dye prints.

If you want your jeans to have a more chilled out  look, you can use various hues for the tie-dye design. Or you can just opt for one shade and choose a specific spot to tie-dye. Whether you choose to tie-dye the whole garment or only design choice spots, tie-dying it would certainly lend your old pair some verve and pizzazz.

Fit for All

Whether you choose to decorate with pearls, paint, or fabric, you have the freedom to explore different designs to update the look of your jeans. The most important thing to remember is that you will keep your jeans in use for longer.

Author bio

Feiruza Mudessir

Ethiopian-born and Dubai-based fashion designer Feiruza Mudessir discovered her curiosity to mix the traditional with contemporary at a young age, and this has become the trademark of her designs today.