67 million items of clothing could be discarded from UK homes post-lockdown

Love Your Clothes is a campaign run by WRAP, which works to reduce the environmental impact of clothing, plastics and food waste in the UK.

WRAP just published a report, which looks at what UK citizens have been doing with their unwanted clothing during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The results highlighted that the British public is set to dispose of 67 million items of clothing as we come out of lockdown.

Two in five citizens had a clothing clear out during lockdown and most are storing items to donate to help charities.

However, as many as 14% of people will throw their unwanted clothes in the general rubbish; and of those who’ve already cleared out their closets, more than one in three (36%) used the general rubbish.

Please remember that the rubbish bin is no place to throw unwanted clothing, as it damages our environment.

With some charity shops now re-opening, there are various options for donating and recycling clothes and other textiles. We encourage you to always check your local council and charity shop website to find out what options are currently available in your area. Please read our updated guidance on donating and recycling clothes during the Covid-19 crisis for more information.

You’ve already helped charities and the environment immensely by holding on to unwanted clothing while previous lockdown restrictions were in place. Please continue to help by donating and disposing of clothing in the most responsible way you can.