Alter Your Carbon Footprint with Clothing Alteration

Bring Old Clothes Back to Life with Alterations

As a clothing alterations boutique, we love helping people rediscover their old wardrobe items with alterations and repairs. Such a diverse range of items come through the doors of our shop each day, from formal suits and dresses, to cherished designer pieces, to the items people wear regularly.

From the simplest repairs to more complex restyling work, there is so much you can achieve with professional clothing alterations. Clothing alterations aren’t just great for your confidence, however – choosing to alter clothes instead of throwing them away is also great for your carbon footprint.

A startling amount of clothing is thrown away each year instead of being recycled or repurposed. The WRAP report ‘Valuing Our Clothes: The cost of UK fashion’ states that around 300,000 tonnes of clothing still goes to landfill and incineration per year. This means that approximately 25% of post-consumer clothing waste goes in the bin, the rest is recycled and re-used either in the UK or overseas. 

Of course, when you’re just not interested in a piece of clothing anymore, donating or recycling are the best options. Clothing alteration, on the other hand, is a great choice for those wardrobe pieces that you still love but just aren’t wearing anymore.

Bring Old Clothes Back to Life with Alterations 

Alterations_Suit_original_270461513.jpgAccording to Treehugger, UK consumers have an estimated £30 billion worth of unworn clothes languishing in their wardrobes (source). This may be because an item no longer fits, it never fitted well in the first place, or it just doesn’t capture your interest anymore. We don’t want to throw these items away, but never wear them either, leaving them in a sartorial limbo. With clothing alterations, these pieces can become cherished wardrobe staples again!

Some alterations can be achieved by anyone, especially with the wealth of clothes advice and guides online (including right here at Love Your Clothes), whereas some of the trickier work may be worth contacting a professional about. For example, the types of clothes clients approach us with include:

Formalwear Alterations

You’ll always look incredible in a formal suit or dress when it fits you perfectly. Plus, if you’ve become bored with something and fancy revamping it to feel like new again, suit and dress restyling options are plentiful. Wedding alterations is one of the most popular services clients request from us, but ballgowns, prom dresses, tuxedos, and cocktail dresses are also great items for receiving the professional alterations treatment.

Work and Casualwear Alterations

People may not consider everyday wear items to be worthy of clothing alterations, but this simply isn’t true. Workwear is the perfect example of clothing that you wear daily but it may not fit properly or feels uncomfortable – altering your suit, shirt, blouse, or dress will help you feel more confident and professional.

The same goes for the casual wardrobe items we wear day-to-day; your favourite jeans, top, or leather jacket can all benefit from alterations – and even professional alterations are often cheaper than throwing away an item and buying a new replacement. Plus, you’re helping the environment too: It’s a win-win for your wardrobe and our world!