Clothes on a washing line

The benefits of air-drying

There are so many reasons why we should all be air-drying.

Although traditional, it’s also the best way to dry and is gentle on your clothes. While tumble dryers may seem convenient, they actually use a lot of energy to run. Air drying, on the other hand, saves on energy bills – great news for your pocket!

The overuse of tumble dryers after time damages the material in clothing: it causes shrinkage and is harmful to the fibres – especially if a garment is made out of stretchy or delicate fabric.   

By drying our clothes outside we keep them fresh and well aired. This avoids moisture being trapped in the fibres encouraging musty smells that are always unpleasant.  Putting clothes away clean and aired will enhance the life of any garment over time, which means your favourites remain your favourites for longer!

It’s easy to take your washing from the machine and pop it straight onto an airer placed somewhere nearby, saving time and effort.  Tumble-dryers are costly to run and for the best results can only take a few items at a time, needing to run on separate settings for different garments  which is impractical in a busy home.

Simply paying more attention to the care labels when drying our clothing helps to improve the life of our clothes, as different cloth, textiles and materials react in certain ways according to how you treat them. From cotton t-shirts and woollen jumpers to towels and duvets, all of the items in your wardrobe can benefit from air-drying.  

Ultimately, caring for your clothes properly during the laundry process only helps to prolong their life so that you can get the most out of them. So if you can, why not try air-drying the next time you do a load of washing!

Two women showing the Julu air dryer.

This is a guest blog by Julia and Lucie from Julu, a lifestyle brand that aim to revolutionise domestic life by providing innovative laundry products.