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Best of the blogs: Inspiration for 2016

Where did January go? And yet it’s already feeling like it has been years since Christmas.

If you fancy re-living the festivities, take a look at the brilliant 12 Jumpers of Christmas entries from our competition in December!

This month, we've been inspired yet again by the clothes-loving community. They've been busy sharing lots of ways to change your perspective on your wardrobe – and little changes can make a big difference. If we could extend the active life of clothes by around 9 months in the UK, that would reduce the carbon, water and waste footprints of clothing by 20-30% each!

Here’s a small selection of the inspirational ideas we’ve spotted this month. If you’ve had a lightbulb moment or have been inspired to take a different approach to your wardrobe, let us know in the comments or tweet us @loveyourclothes.

Alexia at Smells Like Fashion started the year with her Sartorial Resolutions for 2016 – including the pledge to take better care of her clothes, bags and shoes so they look great for longer. We can totally get on board with that!

Catherine from the Vintage Frills blog has some great advice for cleaning out your wardrobe, and even letting go of very special vintage pieces. As she puts it, “I have so many dresses that once I have worn something, enjoyed it and photographed it, I feel it is time to set it free.”

This month, we were also drawn to the idea of the capsule wardrobe. Who wouldn’t want to open their wardrobe and know that every item they owned fitted beautifully and offered a huge range of outfit options? As a starting point, read Claire’s experience of creating her own capsule wardrobe. She was inspired by the method charted by Caroline at Unfancy.com, where she shares some of her lessons learned from her last winter wardrobe.

Caz Moss at Fashion Crank takes a different approach, and has pledged not to buy any brand-new clothes for a year. She’s documenting her journey, including creating three outfits from bargain charity shop finds, clothes swaps with friends, and a recent ode to the wise, wardrobe staple purchase from the supermarket. Our guest blogger, Gillian, also shared her advice after taking on the ‘no new clothes’ challenge in 2015.

Is 2016 the year you help to change the world? Check out 365 ways to do just that, being shared every week by Jen at My Make Do and Mend Life.