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Best of the blogs: spring-cleaning and a new look at “hauls”

In our monthly look at the fashion blogs, we find out about spring-cleaning, decluttering, and alternatives to haul videos.

This month has been all about thinking a bit more about the clothes we own: are we hoarding clothes we don’t love? Are we buying clothes we don’t need?

If you’re still plucking up the courage for a wardrobe spring-clean, Alex at The Frugality has some practical tips for clearing out your wardrobe, starting with “Do you *really* need that many of the same thing?”

Alex seems to be a natural minimalist, but most of us are probably more like Caz at Fashion Crank, who describes herself as a “wardrobe hoarder”. She’s set herself a challenge to get rid of the clutter: “My plan is to sort through my hoard, catalogue and organise every item and then do my best to wear every single thing over the next few months. If it’s not worn then it’s getting donated to someone who will love it in a way I can’t.”

But once you’ve had your clearout, that doesn’t mean you go out and buy more clothes! Well, maybe you do, but it’s worth thinking first.

Cydney writes on the Oxfam Fashion Blog: “Having recently thinned my wardrobe, and by that I mean I have pretty much thrown everything out bar my essential items, I'm ready to start creating a customised, cool, quirky wardrobe that has Cydney written all over it.” 

She has still kept her old favourites and, as we learned from our Wear The Love project earlier this year, the clothes you love the most are often the ones you’ve had the longest. Fashion Revolution – which took place this month – picked up this theme by asking people to share their love stories about clothes.

Elizabeth at Fashion Is My First Language wrote a love letter to the winter coat that she’s had for years and worn more than anything else.  She writes: “I do not need a new coat and I shall wear you till frays are formed and seams spilt.”

Fashion Revolution also continued their #haulternative campaign, which has caught the imagination of so many fashion bloggers over the past few years.

Besma at Curiously Conscious blogs about these “alternative ways of enjoying fashion”: You can refresh your wardrobe “through vintage, second-hand items and homemade pieces, which support a culture of recycling and creativity - both of which are really easy to get into.” Her favourite approach is to look for high-quality second-hand clothes online.

Even easier is to just hit the high street charity shops. Two North London vloggers did just that, with a budget of £10 each, and they show off their finds in this video. They say: "You can save money and be fashionable at the same time – everyone’s winning.”

Charity shopping is for everyone: Kathryn, guest blogging for the Barnardo’s website The-Thrift, explains “Why I’m still charity shopping in my 40s”.  It’s about money, about style and also about re-use.

She says: “Long before we knew about the three R’s, (Reduce, Reuse, Reycle), charity shops were there to enable us to buy re-used clothing. I truly believe that by purchasing second-hand clothes we are extending the life of a garment. We are ensuring the resources that are used to make, transport and package it are stretched for just a little longer.” Yes, everyone’s winning!