Street display on Brighton street showing the amount of clothes we throw away every 3 minutes in the UK.


Rekindle the love for what you already have this Black Friday.

It’s that time of year again, Christmas is approaching and every social feed morphs into a shopping list of what we should be buying for friends, family, pets and of course something for you too. Not forgetting that new Christmas outfit. These sales are launched on Black Friday, which over the past few years has grown from what was originally an American tradition, to become a UK shopping frenzy. 

Since its introduction to the UK by Amazon in 2010, Black Friday has snowballed, with spending in 2015 exceeding £1 billion.  This looks set to increase further in 2016 as the occasion splurges into a five day online shopping frenzy from Thursday through to Cyber Monday. Black Friday has also moved beyond sales of electrical and white goods, to sales of everything from holiday flights to fashion. 

Do you need to buy it? 

For many people Black Friday provides a great opportunity to buy something they need at a price they can afford. For others it’s a time of temptation to make impulse buys, and pressure to buy things they don’t want or even need. 

Latest polling by Hubbub UK has revealed two thirds of people don’t enjoy taking part in Black Friday. The pressure to take part is highest for the under-35s, with four in ten feeling pressured to join in and half saying Black Friday encourages them to buy things they don’t need. 70% of people have bought sale items they’ve never used.

Make the most of what you’ve got

It’s easy on Black Friday to frantically bag the next ‘big trend’ at a low cost. Meanwhile 1/3 of the clothing in a typical UK wardrobe has not been worn in the past year and 350,000 tonnes of unwanted clothing end up in the bin annually!

Half of people polled said they worry about the environmental impact of buying things we don’t need. 96% of people would rather do something other than shopping with a free day, and 84% would rather choose quality over quantity. Is this an opportunity for introducing a new style of Black Friday?

At Hubbub we thought so, which is why we created #BrightFriday - a reminder that you can resist pressures of buying stuff you don’t want on Black Friday. Instead we are encouraging you to experience something new and rekindle love for what you already have – in particular with your wardrobes!

The #BrightFriday antidote – get involved!

This year the #BrightFriday festival is taking place in Brighton between 21-27th November. A series of styling events, fashion swap shops and making and mending workshops will inspire people to try something new and extend the life of their clothes rather than buying new this Black Friday. 

We’ve also installed a mountain of clothes which illustrates how much clothing we throw away in the UK every 3 minutes – which really does make you stop and think.  

We want to build on Bright Friday next year, with more events across the country. We hope Bright Friday reminds people that happiness and memories don’t have to be bought from a store and that there are ways to revamp their wardrobes without having to buy new.

Join Bright Friday:

If you’re interested to know more, you can read the #BrightFriday blogs, including 10 top fashion tips for breathing new life into your wardrobe from professional stylist Emma Slade, and the ‘FAUX’ alternative fashion magazine