Fashion Salvage

Bristol Fashion Salvage: fresh looks from old clothes

What happens when you let fashion bloggers, upcyclers, students and journalists loose in a clothes recycling warehouse and challenge them to create outfits from what they find?

Love Your Clothes was in Bristol last night for our second #FashionSalvage event. Our hosts, Bristol Textile Recyclers, opened their doors and let us rummage through just a fraction of the 100 tonnes of second-hand clothes that passes through their hands each week.

The event proved what we knew all along … that with a bit of creativity and some accessories you can turn clothing that someone else has discarded into something fresh and stylish.

It’s fair to say everyone approached the task with gusto and applied a liberal dash of their own personal style. Some attendees, inspired by an upcoming trip to Glastonbury, channelled the theme of festival chic by pairing and mixing items to style fresh new looks. Others used their sewing and upcycling skills to break down and remake some extraordinary original garments.

We saw flowing and light outfits that transported us to 1970s Marrakech, an amazing leopard skin / tweed creation, unexpected combinations of textures and even a kilt!

Check out Love Your Clothes on Instagram or search #FashionSalvage to see some of the fabulous creations, watch the BTR video of the event, and see our Storify for more pictures and reports.


Pile of discarded clothes.


Man wearing a kilt.

Woman with pink coat.

Young woman in shorts and cut-up t-shirt.

Young woman posing in polka dots.

Young woman in demure dress and jacket.

Outfits made from an old wedding dress.

Remade dress created from different types of fabric.