Counting Down to the Royal Wedding and Meghan Markle’s Dress – how to have an eco-friendly wedding dress!

Here at Alterations Boutique, we’re abuzz about the upcoming Royal Wedding! More specifically, we’re keen to see Meghan Markle’s sure to be gorgeous wedding dress.

As the wedding dress alterations boutique who recreated Kate Middleton’s iconic, Sarah Burton-designed Alexander McQueen bridal gown on the day of her nuptials, we certainly don’t mess around when it comes to wedding dresses. Since Kate and Will’s wedding in 2011, the famous dress has had a huge impact on bridal fashions in Britain and worldwide, including our very own London and Manchester shops. Markle’s gown may well cause  a similar frenzy when it comes to wedding style too (as detailed in this March Harper’s Bazaar article, the ‘Meghan Effect’ is already causing ripples in the wedding fashion world and we are yet to even see the dress!).

The non-royal among us may feel as if we could never have a wedding dress as magnificent as Kate’s (or Meghan’s) without spending a bomb. However, there’s many ways to get the perfect dress for you that are budget-friendly and good for the environment to boot! Whether you’re looking to create the royal-inspired wedding dress of your dreams or even if you haven’t caught the royal wedding fever, here are a few options for you to consider for your dress in the lead-up to your wedding day (and afterwards too).


Vintage and Second-Hand Wedding Dresses

Many brides are choosing to get a vintage or modern second-hand dress instead of buying new, which is generally much better for the environment. Purchasing a vintage wedding dress is not only environmentally friendly but utterly fashionable too; so many of us love the elegant silhouettes of the 1920s, knee-length frocks of the 50s, or the dreamy boho wedding dresses of the 70s. Let’s not forget about more modern second-hand dresses either! Going second-hand means you can find a gorgeous dress at a fraction of the cost.


Eco Friendly Wedding Dresses

Vintage and second-hand options may not be for every bride, but there are other ways to be green with your bridal gown. Going modern with your dress doesn’t mean having to sacrifice on the environmental-friendliness of your frock. There are many eco-friendly wedding dress designers and boutiques out there who use ethically-sourced materials that are Fairtrade and better for the environment. These dresses may cost a little more than new dresses from other boutiques, and certainly more so than vintage or second-hand dresses, but are the perfect option for eco-conscious brides looking for a completely new and bespoke dress.


Wedding Dress Recycling

When your big day has come and gone, you may be wondering what is best for your wedding dress. Many eco-minded brides choose to recycle their wedding dress, which can be achieved in a few ways. The most common form of wedding dress recycling involves donating your dress to charity, which is a fantastic way to extend the joy of your dress by passing it on to a new bride. For those who want to keep physical reminders of their dress without consigning it to a box in the back of the closet, there are ways to up-recycle your cherished dress with alterations too. We regularly turn bridal dresses into christening gowns, ballgowns, evening dresses, and more.


Whether Meghan Markle’s gown is going to rock your world, you want to emanate Kate’s classic dress, or you want to go for a completely different style altogether, there are many ways to love your wedding dress with a range of fabulous eco options.