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Designing with wool: interview with bespoke suit designer, Alexandra Wood

To celebrate Wool Week, we talked to designer Alexandra Wood to find out why she loves working with wool.

Alexandra is an award-winning bespoke suit designer for men and has designed suits for some of the most influential men in Britain.

Why do you work with wool?

Wool is such an adaptable, strong fabric that works really well to construct robust but fluid clothing.

Which woollen products do you design and sell?

I design bespoke suits, trousers, waistcoats, coats and even ties with wool.

How does wool differ from other materials when designing?

Wool is ideal to make a suit in, as you can manipulate the fabric so well. It's strong, therefore you can mask areas where you need to, which is ideal with what I do. Other fabrics are not so forgiving.

What do you and your customers love about wool?

I love the fact that it soaks up colour really well. It's sustainable and tough for a fabric that can look really quite delicate at times. Not only that, but it breathes well and works with the wearer's temperature.

What is the woollen garment you love the most?

I absolutely love a beautifully cut overcoat. It's worn all winter and is worn over your suit, so should be made to perfection as it is worn so much. It's an elegant, timeless piece that I feel everyone should have.

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