Donation Generation clothes swap

The Donation Generation campaign is aimed at reducing the 336,000 tonnes of unwanted clothing thrown away in the UK every year. 

We are encouraging people to stand up for the planet and pledge to help reduce the impact of clothing on the environment by donating unwanted clothes and never putting them in the bin.

To engage our colleagues in our mission and get them involved with the Donation Generation, we organised a lunchtime clothes swap in our offices.

It was the perfect occasion for a post-Christmas clear out and a sustainable option to update our wardrobes without spending a penny.

We asked people to bring their unwanted clothes on the day and gave colleagues the opportunity to pick and choose the clothes they liked to give them a second life. Let’s call it the circle of clothes - somebody's old becomes someone's new.

A recycling box was made available to drop in any clothes that might already have had a second or third life and were not in good enough condition to donate. Remember, no clothes should end up in the bin.

The event was a real success!

Approximately 132 kilos (22 bags) of unwanted and un-swapped clothes along with some additional cash donations went to a local hospice charity shop as voted for by our colleagues.We also got crafty and made our own makeup remover pads and cleaning cloths from odds and ends of fabric – adding to the fun on the day!

Clothes swaps are easy-peasy to organise, a good opportunity to declutter and nice way to get your colleagues together - why not organise your own?

We’ve put together a handy Donation Generation clothes swap pack containing poster templates and upcycling activity ideas to get you started. Don’t forget to share pictures from your clothes swap using #DonationGeneration!

Will you embark on our journey and help us spread the word?

Pledge to join the Donation Generation today.