Woman looking at clothes on a rail.

Fashion salvage February: best of the blogs

A monthly round-up of the best of the blogs.

There are so many great bloggers out there writing about sustainable fashion from their own individual viewpoint. So we thought we’d do a monthly round-up of some of the best that we’ve seen.

It was fun to see the new styles at the Fashion Weeks that have just finished, but there are other ways of getting a new look without buying a new wardrobe every season. One antidote to the fast fashion madness is to create new outfits from clothes that need some TLC.

Some of our favourite bloggers are experts at fashion salvage, giving a new twist to old clothes to extend their shelf life. One of the most inspiring parts of The Great British Sewing Bee – another February highlight – has been the alteration challenge, where the contestants are tasked with making something completely new from an old garment.  It proves how creative it is possible to be when taking this approach.

Several of the Sewing Bee contestants have their own blogs. Among them, Alex is experienced at upcycling and she has blogged this month about how she turned an old jumper into a dress AND a skirt.

Blogger Catherine Hamou has challenged herself not to buy new clothes for a year. She writes about upcycling some second-hand fabric from Oxfam online (there’s a good tip) to make a winter coat. We couldn’t resist including this, as she mentions the Tips page on the Love Your Clothes website as a source of inspiration.

To prove it’s not difficult to upcycle, Paloma in Disguise did a “5-minute DIY”, giving a quick makeover to a charity-shop shirt. “I feel as though I have a new shirt and very little work was required,” she says.

And there was another easy project at the Oxfam Fashion Blog – a DIY beaded jumper, described by blogger Ella Martin as a “perfect beginner fashion DIY project”.

That was a great example of easy embellishment and we shared similar ideas at our February workshop, Breathe New Life into Your Clothes. That event was the inspiration for “thriftmistress” Hannah’s blog post, where she encouraged readers to upcycle their own clothes – with some great ideas of what’s possible with a bit of creativity.