Sock monkey toys

Get crafty with our top ten odd socks tips

Some creative and crafty tips for using your odd and holey socks.

  1. Odd socks might not match, but they can co-ordinate. And that's when they can be transformed into gloves. All the steps are available here.
  2. Car seat straps can rub or irritate a child's neck. Slip an odd sock (with the toes cut out) over the strap and that's another childcare problem solved.
  3. Really stretchy socks make excellent scrunchies to help keep your hair back and out of the way. Simply cut off the toes and get scrunching.
  4. Make a knitting needle case from two odd socks by cutting the toes off one, sewing its 'mouth' closed and then slipping it inside the other sock for a double-wrapped needle holder.
  5. Cut up odd socks for use as stuffing when you're making soft toys, cushions or pillows.
  6. A great way to use up a bunch of odd socks is to stuff a big one (like a tube sock, for instance) with a number of smaller ones. Sew up the end of the 'host' sock and you've got yourself a perfect travel pillow.
  7. Cut the tops off odd socks, place them round the ends of coat hangers and silky or shiny garments will never slip off again.
  8. Make a mobile phone holder by placing your phone into a sock to prevent it from getting scratched when in your handbag or briefcase.
  9. And there's always the draft excluder. Cut and then stitch socks together to make a tube the same width as your door. Secure one end of the tube, stuff with old socks/tights/other clothing then secure the end. For fun, you can add felt shapes to make it look like a snake or sausage dog.
  10. Remember those amusing Christmas socks you were given last year? There's only one of them left now, so turn it into a Christmas decoration. Here's how.

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