Pile of clothes

Get motivated to spring clean your wardrobe

Guest blogger Daisy Schubert talks us through an effective wardrobe spring clean, step by step.

Step 1: Dealing with your fears

What comes to mind when you think of a spring clean? We can have mixed feelings about it, and that's perfectly okay. To calm our fears and boost our motivation, let's visualise what might hold us back and tackle each issue one by one:


  • No storage for out of season pieces
  • Emotional attachment to clothes
  • No time


  • Might need/want it later
  • Wasted the money spent on the garment

Can you relate to these weaknesses and fears? Is there anything you would want to add to the list? Be realistic with yourself and really think about how you feel about your wardrobe right now. Are you happy with it? Does it feel like a reflection of you? Are your specific weaknesses and fears valid and how can you overcome them?


Could you use your empty suitcase as storage for your winter coat? Maybe invest in some boxes to pack away your out of season pieces. If you have fewer clothes all together, will storage really be an issue?

Emotional attachment

Our clothes often carry a memory within them. It could be the person who bought it for us, a special occasion we wore it at, or even the joy and panic of sewing our first garment. If there are only one or two pieces that have an emotional meaning, but don't actually fit or suit you any more, then please rest assured that that's okay. However, too many clothes fighting for a space in your wardrobe might mean it's time to let go. This can be tough, but the following tricks can help you to overcome this weakness:

  • Separate from them gradually and store these clothes away out of sight. After a while you will realise that the memory is still there but the attachment to the physical object has weakened.
  • Find a picture of yourself wearing the garment in the good old days. Hang it inside your wardrobe door and let go of the outfit itself.
  • Rather than donating them to your chosen charity, make a point of gifting your favourite piece to someone who you are really close to, someone you truly care about. Seeing your loved ones enjoy your treasure will let it live longer and will give it even more emotional meaning.


We are all busy! But how much time do you waste every morning trying to figure out what to wear? Add that time up and you will quickly realise that spending a Saturday afternoon on a wardrobe spring clean is an excellent investment! Book yourself some me-time!

Missing it later

This is the single most common fear of everyone I've ever worked with. We are all worried that we will later regret our decision to let go of a particular garment. But ask yourself: When was the last time you were wearing it? What are the reasons why you haven't worn it in all this time? Will those reasons change anytime soon? Really then, can you justify hanging on to it?

Wasted money

Yep, that happens! But will you get your money's worth for keeping a garment in your wardrobe without ever wearing it? A better approach is to learn from your mistakes and stop buying things that are not right for you. Admit to yourself what has happened here and move on.
Ready, get set, spring clean!

Step 2: Getting started

Now that we have eliminated everything that might stop us from committing to an annual spring clean, here is some motivation and guidance to get you started:


  • Simplify wardrobe.
  • Create space (pack away winter clothes).


  • Fresh start to the season.
  • More clarity.
  • More space.


  • Wardrobe should be a true reflection of yourself.
  • Clothes only have value when someone is wearing them.


  • Checklist (from Pinterest or your from your stylist, see below).
  • Your best friend or personal stylist for support.
  • Contact a personal stylist near you to book a colour and style analysis. (You can find a personal stylist on the Federation of Image Professionals International website).

Step 3: Sort your wardrobe

  • Pretend you could go shopping in your own wardrobe. What would you buy again? Ask yourself: Is it my colour? Does it work for my body shape? Can I hear my style words when holding it up? Will it give me joy for years?
  • Sort clothes you’re letting go into three bags or piles: 1) Keep but needs dry cleaning, a repair by a tailor, etc. 2) Special pieces to go to special people 3) Charity shop, #WiWevent, Upcycling etc.
  • Hang your YES-clothes back with the hanger in reverse for an easy way to see what you are and aren't wearing this season. That will make it much easier next time!

Would you like some extra help with your spring clean this year? Contact me with your questions and concerns: daisy@wardrobe-workshop.com and I will be happy to assist.

Daisy Schubert at a Wardrobe Workshop event in Palmers Green.

Daisy Schubert is a personal stylist. Her website is Wardrobe Workshop.