upcycle denim

How to upcycle your denim into a sensationally easy, wall art hoop

Denim is a durable and versatile fabric that's been recreated and restyled countless times over the decades.

Denim-lover Stephanie from Expert Home Tips shares one of her favourite ways to upcycle old jeans, shirts and skirts.


In case you hadn't noticed, wall art is all the rage these days. Luckily for us denim-lovers, it seems the quirkier, the better.

If you've got some denim to upcycle but don't want to spend ages doing so, this lovely little project is as easy as pulling on your jeans, literally.

What you need to upcycle your denim:

1. Embroidery hoop (pick your own size)

2. Denim (shirt, skirt, jeans...anything will do!)

3. Sharp scissors


What to do:

1. Position your denim:

Lie your denim out on a flat surface and place the larger circle of your embroidery hoop on top, moving it around until you find an aesthetically pleasing spot.

I personally like to have a pocket/some other kind of gorgeous denimy-detail incorporated.


2. Tighten your embroidery hoop & let the denim upcycling commence!

Once you've positioned your hoop in the desired place, place the smaller circle underneath the fabric, pushing the larger circle down over it.

If it doesn't fit around the smaller hoop, you may need to trim away some of bulkier details of your denim, such as the belt loops. 

Turn the metal lock to tighten the loop into place. Make sure the denim is taught to guarantee a polished final result.


3. Cut around the edge of the circle to remove the excess denim

Take a pair of sharp scissors, and cut a rough outline around the edge of your embroidery hoop. This doesn't need to be too accurate, as you'll be able to neater up the edges later on.


4. Neaten up the edges around the embroidery circle for a polished, upcycled look

Now's the time to pass over the edge of your denim with a more delicate hand.

Cut as close to the edge of the embroidery hoop as possible, being careful not to push the smaller hoop out of place - if you do, your design is ruined, so take care.


5. Sit back & admire your upcycled denim

Wow, that was easy wasn't it? Who knew denim could be used in such a new, decorative way.

The embroidery hoop makes for easy hanging on a wall, so get putting those nails up pronto.



Steph’s tips for even better upcycled denim:

1. If you want to take this project a step further, you can choose to spray paint your embroidery hoop a different colour before starting, just make sure it's dried before you start!

2. Worried that you'll knock the hoops out of place? If so, you can glue round the edge of the smaller circle before you press its larger counterpart around it. This means that even if you do knock the hoop out of place, you'll be able to put it back together again without having to start over.

3. For added quirkiness, make the wall hangings in a number of different sizes and display them on the wall alongside a mish-mash of other frames and mirrors.