Lost Socks

Watch our Sort Your Sock Stuff Out video for top tips to re-use socks!

To save odd socks from ending up in the bin, we want families to start making the most of their socks by finding new and fantastic ways to carry on using them. There’s no need for unwanted socks to be thrown away. 

So if you’ve got old, mismatched or holey socks that are looking a little lonely, why not try some of our 101 uses for a lonely sock or get crafty and make yourself a member of our sock posse to take on family adventures using our FREE family materials and activity pack.

Sort Your Sock Stuff Out!

More new uses for odd socks

There are more ways to save your socks! Take a look at our handy hints and useful ideas for re-using odd socks:

How to make a sock puppet

Guides on how to make your own sock puppet dog, snake or monkey and colouring sheets and word games for the kids.

Guides and activities