LoveYourClothesBangor - the results

We came (to Bangor). We collected two tonnes of clothing. We conquered #LoveYourClothesBangor!

A few weeks ago we set ourselves an ambitious target of collecting one tonne of unwanted clothes to raise awareness of the fact that 350,000 tonnes goes in the bin each year.

We teamed up with the Sustainability Lab at Bangor University and set up shop in the middle of Bangor town centre to display the mountain of clothes growing and growing. Some thought it wasn’t possible, but the response from University staff and students and the wider Bangor community was fantastic! At the final count, around two tonnes of clothing was donated.

#LoveYourClothesBangor was the first event we’ve held in Wales, and as well as collecting mountains of unwanted clothes, we wanted to help people keep their clothes in use for longer and to encourage them to make more sustainable buying choices. To do this, we ran five days of repair cafes and demonstrations, free sewing and upcycling workshops, family Easter activities and a clothes swap event;  working in partnership with three charities (British Heart Foundation (BHF) Cymru, Age Cymru and Antur Waunfawr).

#LoveYourClothesBangor was trending on Twitter in Wales for three days in a row (14th, 15th and 16th March).

Twitter screengrab

More than 500 pre-loved items found new homes in the clothes swap and swishing event.

Donated clothes in the swap shop.

Bangor University students competed to create outfits from used clothing and recycled materials. Entries were modelled on live mannequins.

Students in their recycled outfits.

The pop-up shop was the hub for free workshops, demonstrations and masterclasses.

The pop-up shop.

Families were entertained with an Easter treasure trail and craft activities.

Little girl making a sock puppet.

Due to its popularity, the repair café in Age Cymru shop will continue on a monthly basis.

The repair cafe.

124 bags of clothes (about a tonne) were donated to the three partner charities (Antur Waunfawr, BHF and Age Cymru) at the end of the campaign.

Bags of clothing ready to be donated.

We were thrilled with the response and the campaign was a huge success! But we couldn’t have done it on our own, so we’d like to thank everyone who helped:

  • British Heart Foundation (BHF) Cymru, Age Cymru and Antur Waunfawr for their support and participation.
  • Our wonderful designers Barley Massey and Sophia Ingham who ran the repair café, demonstrations and workshops – passing on creative ideas, techniques and inspiration to help people keep their clothes in use for longer or upcycle old clothes into something new and fabulous!
  • Bangor Town Centre Partnership and Deiniol Shopping Centre for kindly letting us use the empty space for our pop-up shop.
  • River Island for lending us clothes rails, Millets for use of their spare hangers and Two Guys From Brussels for providing us with delicious sweets and chocolates for our Easter treasure trail.
  • Finally, Bangor University and the dream team at their Sustainability Lab who made it all happen! From delivering and collecting bags of clothing, putting up posters, recruiting volunteers and creating a fun, engaging and impactful campaign in such a positive way. Special thanks to Rebecca Colley-Jones and Gwen Holland for being awesome.

To see more photos, check out our Pinterest board and Storify.