New Year, New skills!

Love Your Clothes launches its brand new Glossary of Terms

The Love Your Clothes team has created a brand new Glossary of Terms to help you navigate the world of “couture”.


From fabric terminology to hand sewing and sewing machine guidance, you’ll find everything you’ve ever wanted to know about garments and sewing, but were afraid to ask! If you’re taking up sewing as your New Year’s resolution, our Glossary will help you go from novice to expert.

The 14-page Glossary of Terms contains 10 sections including fabric finishes, garment terminology, seam constructions, sewing stitches, sewing equipment and more. Whether you’re trying to learn a new skill or looking to understand what is on a fabric finish label, you’ll find all the information you need.

The glossary is organised in sections and we suggest you use the ‘find’ function by typing Ctrl+F (or Command+F), then type the word you’re looking for and press enter – you will be taken to the releveant word in the PDF document. Click on our PDF to download the complete guide. 

Our website is also packed with tips and tutorials, from caring for and repairing your clothes, to creative ideas. Have fun whilst recycling – you will find lots of tips for using old fabric like those shown on this great video from Sew Fabulous.
You can also find ideas and videos on upcycling and refashioning your clothes. Let’s get you started with our 10 top tips to revive and revamp your clothes.

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Feel free to share images of creations you have made on our social media accounts using #LYCGlossary and tagging us @LoveYourClothesUK on Facebook, @loveyourclothes on Twitter and @loveyourclothes_uk on Instagram 

Let’s get sewing! 




Love Your Clothes Glossary of Terms

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