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Re-fashioning to fit: best of the blogs

Clever answers to the perennial question of what to do with clothes that don’t fit.

Our “best of the blogs” is back and we’ve seen some creative ideas on the blogs during the past month.

We’ve all got clothes in the wardrobe that we don’t wear, but they don’t have to be wasted: we’ve found some inspiration from bloggers on how to make those unworn clothes wearable right now.

Refashion Co-op is a worldwide collaborative blog with lots of ideas for refashion projects. We particularly liked this idea – taking a jumpsuit that was both too big and very casual and turning it into a stylish dress that’s smart enough to wear to the office.

Blogger Rachel explains that it had lost its size label a long time ago but was obviously built for someone very tall and quite large. In one of the photos, she has both her legs in one leg of the jumpsuit! The refashion is a complete transformation and pretty impressive.

There’s another large-to-small transformation on the Mancunian Vintage blog, where blogger Helen has a love of “taking the over-sized and ugly and transforming them into chic numbers”. She demonstrates how she turned a maxi dress (“a fancy dress piece”) into a mini (“more versatile”).

If you have the opposite problem – something that’s too small – Angela at Sew Angelic Threads has the answer. She confesses: “I have an expensive pullover which to be perfectly honest has always been too small.” I’m sure a few of us have been there!

Her mini-tutorial shows how to turn a pullover that’s too tight into a pretty cardigan. The step-by-step guide is easy to emulate, and using lace ribbon to add width is a clever idea.

Finally, the Oxfam Fashion blog points out that there are times when something too big is just what you need: blogger Samantha sings the praises of the versatile over-sized shirt.