Re-Love Your Clothes!

We've teamed up with Drag Race UK star Cheryl Hole to help you rediscover the love you once had for those clothes that are hidden in the back of the wardrobe. With Cheryl Hole’s fabulous diva advice, we want YOU, to Re-Love Your Clothes!  

Refashioning, re-styling and upcycling are sure-fire ways to get the most wear out of your clothes. A clothing revamp is also a brilliant way to keep on trend and show off your personal style.  

Most importantly, sprucing up one of your former favourites from your wardrobe, is a super easy way to make sure that clothes don’t end up in the bin and continue to be worn again and again!  

Whether you’ve outgrown them, fallen out of love with them, or think they’re in need of some TLC, refashioning your clothes is one of many ways to help reduce the impact our clothes have on the environment.  

So here are Cheryl Hole’s top tips for transforming once loved garments from drab to fab! 

  1. Shine bright like a diamond by adding some sparkle rhinestones and gems to an outfit. 
  2. Ruffle some feathers by adding a feather trim to cuffs and sleeves to create texture and a bit of glamour. 
  3. Turn a T-shirt into a dress by altering and accessorising – cut off the sleeves, throw on a belt and you’ve got a chic new mini dress! 
  4. Stand out in a crowd - apply some applique and embroidery patches to a denim jacket to make a bold, statement look. 
  5. Experiment by putting different pieces together to create new looks – mix and match and have fun with the fashion that you already own! 

You can watch the full rundown of Cheryl Hole’s top tips on the Love Your Clothes Instagram page. 

There’s also the chance to win an exclusive prize from Cheryl Hole by entering the Re-Love Your Clothes competition! 

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Need help getting started with re-fashioning and upcycling? We’ve got lots of helpful hints and ideas in our refashioning and upcycling page.