21 days of loving your clothes

Show your clothes some love

Follow our simple tips for 21 days of loving your clothes

It’s the season of love in Wales, with not one but two official days of romance to show how much you love someone. To celebrate this love-fest, we’re launching 21 days of love, starting on St Dwynwen’s Day and finishing on Valentine’s Day to help you give your clothes a little more love.

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More ways to show your clothes you love them

Take inspiration from our ideas on how to love your clothes more.

Falling in love again

Sometimes you can rekindle an old flame. Is there an item of clothing in the back of your wardrobe that you’ve forgotten about? A bit of decluttering can help you rediscover the clothes you really love, and refresh your wardrobe without having to buy anything new.

Treat me nice: how to give some TLC to the clothes you love

When you love someone, you want to look after them. It’s the same for clothes. Keep them happy by storing cleverly, washing correctly and repairing when needed.

Making the love last

When you’ve bought something new – and we spend on average £1,700 a year per household on buying clothes – you want it to last. Keep clothes worth loving for longer by choosing classic pieces, re-styling clothes to bring them up to date, or altering them to make them fit better.

What if you’ve fallen out of love?

“It’s not you, it’s me.” It happens: sometimes you just don’t suit each other any more. But it doesn’t have to end badly. There’s sure to be someone out there who will love what you don’t – so pass on your unwanted garments to someone who will appreciate them: donate to charity, take to a swishing event or give to a friend.