How to transform outdated clothes

Styling Old Fashioned Clothes into the Latest Fashion

In this guest blog, Carla Adams discusses possible options for those out of trend clothes you no longer wear

There are a lot of clothes that are sitting in your wardrobe not because they don’t fit you anymore, or have gone really delicate due to excessive washing, but because of being old fashioned. A lot of people throw away clothes only because it’s not in style anymore and they don't feel as comfortable in it. However, if one encounters this situation, throwing clothes in the bin isn’t the sustainable option. There are multiple ways that you can reuse a clothing item and turn its old style around in your favour. Here are a few suggestions that can help you:

Redesign them

The embroidery and printed pattern fashions vary from year to year and can prove to be an issue when you want to reuse an old clothing garment. Yet there are ways to redesign them by cutting them and shaping them into the latest style. This not only transforms the clothes into something new but lets you update your wardrobe and wear something stylish. If it’s a long dress or a long top, you can cut it in different ways to make it more modernised, and if there is really little fabric, then consider combining two similar styles.

Combining the Old and the New

There are multiple ways that you can fashion your old clothes by combining them with new ones. Not only does this styling technique give your clothes a more contemporary touch, but it also gives you a whole new look. A fashionable trendy pair of jeans or a jacket can make an outdated top look good, or a modern styled blouse can give your old trousers or skirt a newer look.  This may require a small amount of investment from you so make sure that you shop for something that will look good with most of those out-of-style garments.


Any accessory that you take (it could be a bag, a pair of shoes, or any jewellery) can add more style to your whole look. So if you are stuck with some old clothing that you cannot figure out on how to cut and stitch in order to make it modern, take the help of your old faithful and let your accessories make you look chic and stylish. Be sure to have accessories that match your outfit in terms of colour and fabric, instead of hastily putting together a fashion faux pas.


An outfit’s colour matters just as much as the pattern and style. It can accentuate your skin tone, your hair, or defining a feature of your body. On the other hand, it could overpower you and make you feel that your entire appearance looks dull and uninteresting. To tackle that, you would need to sew your less-favoured coloured garments with the ones that have a colour more suitable for your skin tone. Maybe a peach-coloured top, a colour you never looked good in, could be combined with a lilac coloured top, in which you always looked radiant, and use the fabric of the two items to form a new piece.


When combining the two outfits together, make sure that you are not using two clashing fabrics. A chiffon piece of clothing may look good stitched with a cotton fabric, or a satin dress with a silk article would be perfect during the summer season, or specifically for an event. However, a woollen cloth would not go well with chiffon or a cotton shirt won’t go with a knitted sweater.  So always be careful in planning such ventures.

There are multiple ways for you to style your clothes. All you need is a creative eye for these fabrics and you would have a beautiful and stylish outfit to wear anywhere you want to. It is always a good idea to redesign your clothes rather than throwing them away. Not only would it make you feel good, but it will help the environment.


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