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Summer wardrobe style: best of the blogs

As we finally move into summer, the fashion bloggers have been musing on their new season wardrobes – and the choices behind them.

Ceri at Style Eyes Ethical Fashion Blog has committed to buying no new clothes for a year. She says: “A new season often can mean new clothes or a whole wardrobe revamp to keep up with the latest fashion. Not for me!”

Instead, she’s dug out clothes she already has – chosen because they last well and don’t go out of style. And she has some useful tips to help you when thinking about buying less.

Ron at Dresses on a Clothesline has also dug into the clothes she already owns. Since Fashion Revolution Day we’ve seen a lot of “haulternative” videos – an alternative to fast-fashion shopping “haul” videos. Ron’s version is to do a “haul” of what she already has in her wardrobe, showing how she has extended the lifetime of her clothes. Her haul is a mixture of ethical, home-made and second-hand.

Second-hand is, of course, a popular choice for people wanting to dress sustainably, and Alex from Sewrendipity has done an interesting survey on attitudes to buying pre-loved clothes.

When it comes to reasons for buying second-hand, she observes: “Thrifters clearly rule this category, but I was glad to see that people still look for quality and uniqueness in this ‘fast fashion’ dominated world, as well as choosing second hand clothes for environmental reasons.”

She also finds that upcycling, sustainability and the trend for vintage have made it more acceptable in the UK to buy second-hand.

It can also be fun, especially with friends, as Hazel from World Of Joy found. She organised a blogger meetup and charity shop fashion challenge: “We were each to choose an item for one another and we'd style up the item and show how we wore it.” It sounds like a great way to be brave and broaden your usual style. And each of the friends now have a new dress for the summer – new to them, at least!