Tackling the wardrobe swap-over

Need an uplift to declutter your wardrobe?

Meet Flic Taylor, style enthusiast and fashion economist who shares her real-life wardrobe clear out experience!

FlicTaylor_Blog1.jpgIt’s that time of year when I roll up my sleeves and tackle the wardrobe swap-over. It’s always a sombre goodbye, packing up summer pieces soaked in blissful sunny memories. But now I’m pulling out storage boxes and bags whilst looking like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards. I’m searching for cosy clobber for the chilly grey days ahead. However, those fitted waistbands and form-fitting trousers are looking at me with a serious raised eyebrow, so I promptly put down my soothing Gin!

I open my arms up to pieces as if they were treasured old friends; truly dependable and leave me feeling mighty fine about myself. I spy the items that need a bit of tuning, fixing or professional cleaning. It’s the little things that help them stay for another season, continuing to slay some style. The old faves are there too, the stripes, the biker boots, the trusty parka. It’s nothing short of a winter wardrobe bingo board!

Hold on, I then spy a piece that clearly should not be there! A piece that is new with tags on. A piece of beauty and one I’d probably wear if I lived a life of luxury. However, luxe is lacking when packing up school lunches, loading washing machines or cleaning out cat litter! It's a piece that I could only wear if my waist was in fact the same size as my bloody left thigh! Yep, full confession - this piece is far too small for me to even contemplate keeping in the wardrobe. 

Now, in my defence, I bought this beautiful Temperley black stud skirt online (surprise, surprise) and gambled that it would fit. However, I dare not even count the number of times I’ve bought something in the sale or online, crossed my fingers it would work but ended up considering a diet of house dust and lemon water to fit into it! These epic gold studs could not be returned and I can’t for the life of me make it look good worn around just one leg!

FlicTaylorSkirt2.jpg         FlicTaylorSkirt3.jpg

As you do your wardrobe decluttering and prep those bags for your local charity shop or recycling centre, here's why I reckon we should laugh and wave goodbye to those mini-me sized pieces in our wardrobe.

1) Don’t keep something that will encourage any form of self-loathing.

There should be no questioning of your body shape, beauty or self-confidence. This is a complete and utter waste of precious energy. Life is simply too short. I'm sure no one ever lay on their death-bed wishing for more chances to cry and chastise themselves over a skirt that had no chance of ever fastening up.

2) If you're keeping something for sentimental reasons... 

Then holding this piece has to make you smile, laugh and blissfully wander down memory lane. Get rid of it, if it ever dares whisper to you "those were the days, Kit Kat lover!”.

3) Don’t beat yourself up for amassing a ton of inappropriate, unworn, incorrectly sized clothing.

The main thing is that you have identified that you should not go near clothing shops when you are emotional or delusional. Quite frankly, there can be no judgment from me - in the past I have often been both!

You live, you learn - and by the way, you are bloody amazing! Absorb every ounce from this lesson and skip on    happily, content in your shape, enjoying what you wear. I have a theory that when I drop off a clothing bag to   charity, it alerts the Karma Fairies to send an epic preloved, fabulous item my way. What comes around goes   around. Done and dusted!

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