Stripey fabric.

These outfits cost nothing: street style from fashion salvage

These outfits have been styled by London College of Fashion MA Journalism students using clothes that someone, somewhere in London has donated over the past few months.

We took the students to LM Barry’s textile recycling warehouse where they picked out their favourites from the donated clothes, then re-styled and re-accessorised them.

Around £30 billion worth of outfits are sitting at the back of UK wardrobes, unworn for over a year, and £140 million worth of clothes end up in UK landfill every year. Making those items last just three months longer would reduce your carbon, water and waste footprints by up to 10%.

That's why we're campaigning for people to make the most of their clothes. And why we're working with the London College of Fashion to inspire people to fall in love with their clothes all over again.

Student wearing a fashion salvage outfit with fur coat.

Young man wearing  a layered fashion salvage outfit.

Young woman wearing a brown overcoat.

Young woman wearing a pink skirt and white jacket.

Young woman wearing a mini skirt and trainers.

Young woman in a printed shirt and sunglasses.

Young woman in a leather dress and fake fur jacket.

Young woman in smart trousers and overcoat.

Young man in a sheepskin jacket.