Grey Christmas socks

Top odd socks tips for pets

  1. An odd sock makes an ideal pet toy. Stuff one with catnip and a squeaker to keep your cat entertained.
  2. If you like your dogs tiny but your savings big, turn an odd sock into a dog sweater. Ideal for that one big woolly old sock that's lost its walking partner.
  3. Try using a long sock to make a dog toy. Stuff the toe end with a tennis ball and then tie a knot in the sock to secure. Use it to play tug-of-war with your canine companion.
  4. And you can always donate to a pet charity - socks can be cut up and used as stuffing in animal beds.

Sort Your Sock Stuff Out!

Watch the Sock Puppet Posse's music video for lots of ways to save your socks from the bin.

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