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Upcycled t-shirt bag tutorial

Don’t throw out your old t-shirt – upcycle it! Guest blogger Helen Brown shows you how.

Making a t-shirt bag is oh so simple and ensures your bag is a little waterproof at the bottom in case of leaky stuff. Not ideal for heavy books etc, but perfect for the beach or gym wear as it’s easily washable.

Step 1: the essentials

Items needed to make a tote bag made out of an old T-shirt.

What you’ll need: old t-shirt, scissors, duct tape, needle and thread (optional).

Step 2

Cutting sleeves out of a T-shirt.

Cut off the sleeves – larger holes mean a longer handle. Cut out the neck – the deeper the cut, the larger the bag opening.

Step 3

Turning a T-shirt inside-out.

Turn inside out – take bottom hem and fold up toward neck twice, making each fold around 2cm tall.

Step 4

Adding duct tape to upcycled T-shirt bag.

Duct tape along the fold, making sure to overlap at the sides a little. Turn over and duct tape along the other sides, overlapping onto the tape from the first side. Add another layer of tape along the bottom edge, making sure it sticks to the first and second pieces. The more you stick the duct tape to the duct tape, the better it glues.

Step 5

Turning upcycled T-shirt bag the right way out.

Turn the right way out and pull unfinished edges slightly to “hem”.

Step 6

A completed upcycled T-shirt bag.

Put stuff in your bag! You can sew the outer edge if you like, but I’ve never needed to.

Wear your bag like a boss! You could even post a selfie on your social media and tag it #Tshirttotote.

Kecks Clothing, based in Bristol, keeps clothing from landfill by upcycling preloved and end of line clothing for men and women. Their motto is "Upcycle everything – use it until it dies!"

This post originally appeared on the Kecks Clothing website.