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Valentine's date outfits

Show your wardrobe and your bank balance some love this Valentine’s Day.

Forget award season dress dilemmas and red carpet woes. February brings another major wardrobe decision… what to wear on that Valentine’s Day date?

We’ve been doing our research. Instead of re-working a great looking outfit already hanging in your wardrobe, we’ve discovered many in Scotland will rush out and spend their hard earned cash on buying something new to wear. A recent YouGov poll revealed that 16% of women were intending to buy new clothing or accessories for this year’s big day of love.

Those of you hitting the shops said they will be spending up to £60 on a new outfit. That’s good money that could be spent instead on a special seasonal treat or even pay for your Valentine’s meal! We want to encourage you to fall in love again with your old clothes and reconsider your current wardrobe so you can really make the most of Valentine’s Day.

With a little bit of creativity; it’s easy to pull together the perfect outfit straight from your closet and accessorise it until it’s unrecognisable. And we suspect your Valentine’s date won’t even know the difference.

To help you get date night ready this weekend, we got some top tips:

D – DIY and up-cycle a piece of pre-loved clothing to make it new again.

A – Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise! After all accessories really are a girl’s best friend.

T – TLC, follow the washing and care instructions on your favourite garments to help them last longer.

E – Eco-friendly clothing! If you really do have to purchase something new, purchase a piece from an eco-friendly designer.

Our research also highlights that only half of us make the most out of our special occasion clothing/accessories. So there’s no better time to start loving your clothes than Valentine’s Day!

This is a guest blog by Zero Waste Scotland.