Scissors, buttons and tape measure.

Why I love my clothes: because I made them

Our guest blogger Jenniffer Taylor tells us about an item of clothing she really loves – a dress she made herself.

Why do I love my clothes? In short, it is because I made them. They may once have been a flat piece of fabric or a shirt, bed sheet or curtain but I’ve cut up, stitched or upcycled them!

For me, clothes tell a story of who you are. For example, take my corduroy dress which was one of my earlier makes after my first garment which was my wedding dress.

Jenniffer Taylor in the corduroy dress she made herself.

Looking back, I had only been sewing for a couple of months, so my sewing skills are nowhere near what they are today, but I still love to wear this dress. Firstly, it’s made out of needlecord corduroy which is one of my favourite fabrics. It’s so comfortable to wear and the best thing about it is that I know no-one else has this dress, which makes me feel special when I’m wearing it.

Looking inside the garment, I can see that my darts are not very good at all – some of the dart points even have a gap of an eighth of an inch – and the cuffs are on the wrong way round, but I can see how I have improved. Practice does make perfect and I’m proud to wear it.

Granted, I have done a little repair work since then by putting the darts back in properly this time and I’ve adjusted the length of the skirt as my tastes have changed. The one thing I haven’t done is put the cuffs on the right way around; but I like that it still has a little nod to the beginning of my sewing journey and it makes me smile.

Why should you love your clothes? Because the possibilities are endless! Grab a pair of scissors and a needle and thread and you can start your own sewing journey with your own wardrobe.

Check out Jenniffer's website  for #sewingrevolution inspiration and workshops to enthuse you to #WearTheLove.

Jenniffer Taylor holding sewing scissors.