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Best Buy Guide: Lycra sportswear

High quality sportswear looks, feels and performs brilliantly wear after wear.

Sportswear has come a long way since tracksuits were invented. Lycra sportswear garments are now the most popular items to wear to suit a variety of activities, from yoga to running and indoor sports.

Lycra is incorporated in high performance fabrics and is used mostly in tights and leggings, as well as T-shirts, jackets and vests. Lightweight and quick drying, you can find Lycra sportswear to suit any season, any sport, and any body shape. Care for it well and it will go the extra mile with you.

Material matters

When it comes to sportswear, it is definitely worth investing in high performance clothing. Buying cheaper options may lead to you running to buy replacements time after time! Lycra sportswear is most commonly made of polyester or nylon, with a good mix of Lycra (up to 25%) for maximum stretch and recovery. These high stretch technical fabrics are lightweight, durable and moisture-wicking to ensure unlimited  in-use comfort. You can even find sustainable options made of recycled fibres. The most advanced performance fabrics are used for running. For yoga, you can also find natural fabrics in sustainable options like organic cotton. For colder months, look for a soft brushed surface on the inside of the fabric to keep you cosy and warm.

Tight tights

Running tights and leggings contain a lot of Lycra for supportive stretch, and often include mesh panel inserts to wick moisture away.  Some high end running tights also offer a compression fit for enhanced support. Preferably choose a high-waisted and wide elastic waistband for maximum comfort. Look for details like a hidden pocket for your keys or smartphone, flat soft stretch seams to prevent chafing and a gusset at the crotch for extra mobility and comfort. Also pay attention to the fabric opacity  (to check the garments aren’t too  see-through) and the inside leg length if you specifically need long or short tights.

Top tips

Running tops are mostly made from lightweight performance synthetic  fabrics. Lightweight Merino wool is also  an excellent fabric base with natural  anti-bacterial properties. Details like a lower back hem or a thumbhole in long sleeve tops enhance the silhouette and comfort. For running tops, think about reflective details and zipped pockets if you plan to run outside.

Who cares, wins

Lycra sportswear really needs attention when it comes to washing. Always follow the care label advice. Generally Lycra sportswear should be washed inside out in warm water with a mild detergent  (no chlorine bleach). Also, do not use fabric conditioner or tumble dry garments as this will greatly decrease the life of the Lycra. Look for easycare sportswear items,  as these will stay better for longer  between washes.


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