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Best buy guide: merino jumper

Sometimes it is worth paying that little bit more to enjoy a wealth of extra benefits.


Wool is breathable, warm and natural. But Merino wool goes the extra mile. Here’s how.

Merino draws moisture away from the skin, also known as ‘wicking’, while simultaneously trapping heat. It’s also more absorbent, so you won’t end up getting soaked unless the rain gets too heavy. Merino has antibacterial properties that can neutralise odours, and its fibres are lighter and finer than other wools. It’s silky to wear, making it great for people with sensitive skin, but it’s also incredibly tough – just one fibre can be bent twenty thousand times. Merino wool is a renewable AND biodegradable resource. 

Fit Facts

Merino jumpers are very versatile, designed with a great range of styles and neck shapes to suit pretty much everyone’s tastes. But as a knitted fabric, there is always a danger of your jumper losing its shape through stretching, especially around the hems and cuffs and occasionally around the collar area. One way used to guarantee shape retention is by plating the edge of the cuff, hem and collars with Lycra. Check for plating when the jumper is hanging or folded in-store by gently pulling the relevant areas of the garment. If the fabric springs back, Lycra has been used.

Colour Choice

Navy, black, charcoal grey and light grey are the classic Merino colours. But the choice really is yours – if there’s a colour you love more than any other, there should be a Merino jumper out there just for you.

Who Cares, Wins

Four words: Always Read The Label! If it says ‘Dry Clean Only’, your sweater should be taken to a professional dry cleaner to ensure the superior quality of your garment. ‘Hand Wash’ means stay well clear of a machine, washing your jumper in lukewarm water at approximately 30°C and using a mild and gentle (preferably Woolmark-approved) detergent. Allow your sweater to soak for 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly, firstly in lukewarm water and then finally in cold. Sweaters with the Woolmark ‘Machine Washable’ label can be safely machine-washed a number of times without any danger of shrinking. Just make sure you stick to the temperature advised on the label.


Always flat-dry your jumper. Keep away from direct sunlight too, as colour fading could occur.


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