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Best Buy Guide: T-Shirts

T-shirts are a wardrobe essential: read or download our Best Buy tips to make sure you get the best quality and value for your wardrobe.

T-shirts are a classic wardrobe essential for pretty much everyone. Named after the T-shape of the body and sleeves, this versatile piece of clothing has evolved from being a simple undergarment to being a casual icon of self-expression. T-shirts exist in every possible style, shape, material, colour and print, and can be worn  with anything from jeans to smart trousers. Choosing the right style with the right fabric will allow you  to wear your favourite T-shirt for many years to come.

Fabric facts

The fabric used for T-shirts is always knitted jersey, but it can come in a variety of different materials, from cotton to polyester to viscose, etc. For everyday wear, we recommend you stick to 100% cotton for better comfort and breathability. Sustainable cotton options are now mainstream for T-shirts, so you can choose your favourite whether it’s organic, recycled or responsibly sourced. For fitted styles, pick fabrics with an elastane mix (5% max to avoid misshaping).
For increased durability and easier care, you may choose cotton blended with polyester; however, these fabrics can be more prone to pilling (bobbles). Very lightweight fabrics are obviously less durable. Last but not least, check the fabric around seams to ensure there are no small holes (caused by needle damage during manufacturing) which might cause ladders.

A bit about fit

The classic T-shirt comes in regular fit with crew neck, however there are many more styles you can decide to go for including long sleeve, short sleeve, V-neck, fitted, cropped, oversized, etc. Almost every possible design has been tested for T-shirts, so you have a variety to choose from. When purchasing a T-shirt, the most important thing to do is to pick a style that truly fits you and, above all, retains its shape. Take a close look at the side seams (if your T-shirt has them); if they are already twisting, this will only get worse after washing. Check also for any loose threads and look at the overall quality of the stitching as T-shirts manufactured in a rush tend to unravel even before you put them on. For increased comfort, you can find T-shirts made with no seams at all.

Who cares, wins

T-shirts are usually easy to care for. Always check the care label instructions, as some T-shirts in delicate materials or with embellishments might be hand wash only. The majority of T-shirts are machine-washable – turn them inside out when washing to maximise colour or print durability. Some cotton T-shirts come with an  anti-pilling finish that will help keep the fabric surface smooth and make the colour last longer, even after many washes. It is better to air dry T-shirts, as tumble drying can cause the fabric to shrink.


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