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Best buy guide: wool coats

Our Best Buy Tips For Single-Breasted Wool Coats

When you’re looking for a coat, push out the boat because quality is EVERYTHING.

Cheap is not cheerful. Thin is not in. Skimp now and you’ll suffer when the first cold snap bites, forcing you to spend again next season. Set a realistic budget to factor in a classic style that is well made from high quality, robust materials and you’ll reap the benefits for years to come.

Sure-Fire Style

A single-breasted three-quarter length coat ending at your mid-thigh is a classic look that never goes out of fashion. And it’s a look that suits nearly everyone – a wellfitted coat lengthens the body and broadens the shoulders to create an elegant, slimming silhouette.

Wear It Well

The right coat can be incredibly versatile, making you look good whatever the occasion. If it’s genuinely 3/4 length, you’ll be able to wear it over a suit – so make sure you avoid buying a coat that ends up being shorter than your jacket. The good news is you can also wear your coat with jeans, a smart roll neck or a whole host of other casual items. That classic cut and generous length makes it seriously adaptable, complementing the formal and smartening the casual.

Colour Code

Your coat’s versatility extends to colour too. The classics – black, navy blue or charcoal – never go out of fashion, but with a coat you can also dare to be different. Branch out with Burgundy, consider camel or choose a (subtle) check.

Fabric Fundamentals

Natural fibres look and feel better. If you’re on a budget, go for mid-weight wool. But if you can stretch to it, cashmere is king. Both will keep you warm and they’ll also let the air circulate to keep you from getting too clammy.

Who Cares, Wins

Care for your coat and it will last a lot longer, so spend seconds now to save well into the future. Gently brushing your coat with a soft suede brush will stimulate the fibres and remove lint and dirt that would otherwise damage the fibres.

Hang your coat on a sturdy plastic or wood hangers to keep the shape and drape between use. Make sure you avoid using those thin metal hangers as they don’t have the strength to maintain the coat’s natural shoulder line. If something spills on your coat, act fast and blot the affected area to sop up the moisture.

Take wool coats to the dry cleaners twice a year. You’ll easily recoup the cost in the long-term. When the temperatures rise, give your coat some out-of-season TLC by storing it in a garment bag. This will help preserve the fabric.


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