The BIG Closet Clear Out

300,000 tonnes of clothing are thrown away each year in the UK. Together, let’s put a stop to this!

Big Closet Clear Out

Join The BIG Closet Clear Out this March – our new annual initiative to keep clothes out of the bin and create wardrobe space – not waste. It’s easy and there’s loads of ways to get involved. You can do a little or a lot, because every bit helps the planet and keeps clothes out of landfill.

Get started with The BIG Closet Clear Out

Step 1

Start by clearing out your closet of all the clothes you don’t want, whether they’ve seen better days, don’t fit or just aren’t your style anymore.

Step 2

Now it’s time to think:


Clothes still looking good? Why not sell them and help the planet as well as your pocket? You can get rewards and discounts for bags of unwanted clothes. Here are some apps to get started. 


Think your mate would kill for that top, in return for those jeans you’ve been eyeing? Have a BIG Closet Clear Out meet up and get swapping!


Let your clothes be loved all over again by donating your unwanted clothes to charity. Either pop them to the charity shop, or donate at a charity clothing bank.

Find your closest clothing bank


If your clothes are too worn to donate, then recycle them!

Check if you can recycle clothes in your household collection or at recycling locations near you.

Step 3

You can do The BIG Closet Clear Out on your own or make an even bigger difference and get others involved! Here’s some ideas.

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Get a friend over and clear your closet together. Have some fun seeing what should stay and what should definitely go. Have a BIG Closet Clear Out Swap. Invite your friends over with their bags of unwanted clothes and get swapping!

Have a BIG Closet Clear Out on your lunch hour. Invite your work mates to bring their unwanted clothes to work, either to swap or to make a large clothing donation together. The more the merrier!

Binning clothes isn’t your bag

Your good work doesn’t have to end after your closet clear out! Why not hang a canvas bag in your wardrobe as a handy place to put your unwanted clothes? Wait until your bag is full and then choose how you’d like to give that clothing another life.

Show your clothes some love

Look after your clothes and they could last you a lifetime! Find out how to care for your clothes and give them a new lease of life.

How to Care & Repair

Know your care labels #insideout?

Find out whether you’re a ‘washing label whiz’ or ‘laundry learner’ by taking our two minute Know Your Care Labels Quiz.

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