Pile of folded shirts.

Buying easy-care

Will your new love be a dream to live with, or really high-maintenance?

Buying things that are easier to care for can keep your wardrobe looking fabulous, without massive cleaning bills.

Look for clothes made with easy-care technologies, such as non-iron shirts or fabrics that drip dry super-quick. Some kid’s clothing has special coatings, which shrug off spills and stains.

Often easy-care materials, such as polycotton and synthetics, mean you can avoid tumble-drying, lowering your electricity bills and reducing the risk that your clothes will get damaged. So less work for you, and less cost too.

It’s also a smart idea to learn your care labels, to avoid laundry mishaps and keep your clothes – in easy-care and all other fabrics – in top condition. Take a look at our care and repair videos and guides for some great laundry tips and clothing care advice.

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