Clothes on a rail

Buying smarter

Buying clothes that last longer is the smart fashion choice.

Smart shopping can mean:

  • investing in quality clothes that are really well made
  • choosing materials that are more hard-wearing, like denim or leather
  • going for fabrics that will forgive you if you mess up on the washing front, like 100% cotton that won’t shrink.

Think about how a new piece of clothing will fit with your lifestyle. Are you buying something that you know you’ll use? And ask yourself whether it’s versatile – you want the kind of wardrobe staple that you can wear from season to season, and adapt and accessorise to create a new look.

Look out for quality guarantees, and think about how easy it’ll be to live with your new acquisition. Easy-care technologies can save you time, effort and cash. And remember – buying pre-loved or vintage clothes can give you a unique look at a fraction of the cost.

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