Woman using sewing machine.

Calling all Super Crafters

We want YOU and your expert knowledge!

Love Your Clothes is all about sharing hints, tips, hacks and knowledge about how to make the most of the clothes we already have and make the best choices when it's time for something new.

Expert advice can help people save money, time and precious resources.

That's where you come in!

We’ve created a Super Crafter network, linking clothing experts, professionals and skilled enthusiasts nationwide.

The network is a place where people can find people like you - expert seamstresses, textile upcyclers, tailors, skilled crafting professionals and any clothing and textile linked organisations who share our love of clothes and our passion to reduce waste without compromising on quality and style.

We'll promote you, your work and your events FREE of charge

And in return, you'll carry our logo, share our campaigns and back our social media messages.

It's a mutually beneficial relationship where you'll be able to contribute blogs, guides and tips and we'll provide a national platform for your expertise to be seen and used by as many people as possible.

If you inspire us, we'll support you all the way.


To sign up or for further information, please email us: loveyourclothes@wrap.org.uk