Clothes drying outside on a washing line.


Line drying is easier on your clothes and saves you money.

Forget about the tumble-dryer. Air-drying is best for almost everything – it’s easier on clothes, and saves on energy bills too: line-drying, even in winter, can save you up to £160 a year.

So don’t just throw your things in the dryer (especially if they’re stretchy or delicate): drying on a rack, towel or clothesline will help your clothes last longer. Line drying outdoors keeps your clothes smelling fresh, and sunlight helps to keep white clothes looking bright.

Putting shirts and t-shirts on hangers and then hanging them on the line will keep the creases out. Use good quality pegs, and shake your clothes out before putting them on the line. Hanging sheets and duvet covers from their seams can also help to keep them smooth.

And if you do tumble-dry, don’t overload the dryer, and remember that you can take your clothes out when they’re still slightly damp.