Washing machine dial set at 30 degrees.

Love your laundry

Get your washing right and you’ll get your clothes cleaner than they’ve ever been, and stop them getting damaged.

Chances are you’re spending about £130 a year on your home laundry. So doing it more efficiently will keep your costs down, as well as extending your wardrobe’s lifespan.

First you need to sort your laundry – washing like with like, so you can keep your clothes in good condition, and use the best cycle. Not just separating lights from darks, but also tough fabrics from delicates, and very dirty clothes from cleaner ones, with towels and sheets on their own. Check pockets for anything that could gum up the works of your washing machine, treat any stains, and if your clothes need mending, do it before you wash them.

Check any new items to see if the dye will bleed, and if it does, wash them on their own until the colour stops running. Then when you wash, go for the shortest, gentlest cycle that you can, and the coolest temperature to get your clothes clean.