Reusable upcycled kitchen cloths

Learn a new sustainable skill today by making these handy reusable upcycled kitchen cloths.


What you'll need:

  • Squares of scrap fabric for the backing, e.g. cotton or canvas – any fabric from clothing that cannot be donated
  • Squares of absorbent fabric for the cleansing pad side, e.g. towelling – such as old towel
  • Scrap piece of ribbon about 15cm long for a hanging loop (optional)
  • Pen and scissors
  • Needle and thread or sewing machine

How to:

  1. Cut out a 25cm square (or whatever size cloth you’d like) of backing fabric.
  2. Repeat for the absorbent fabric.
  3. If you are adding a hanging loop, fold your ribbon in half and pin it to the right side of one of the corners of your fabric.
  4. Place fabrics right sides together and pin around the edge leaving a 10cm gap in the middle of one of the lengths for turning.
  5. Sew around the edge, taking care when sewing over the pinned ribbon, just under a cm from the edge.
  6. Turn your sewing right side out, diagonally trim the excess across the top of each corner and push out the corners from the inside.
  7. Carefully turn under both edges of the gap and pin to hold in place.
  8. Top stitch around the edge of square around 4mm in, ensuring that you sew the pinned gap closed.

Top tip:

Make a few and use to mop up spills in place of kitchen towel – they can be washed and used again and again!