Reusable upcycled make-up remover pads

Learn a new sustainable skill today by making these handy reusable upcycled make-up remover/cleansing pads.


What you'll need:

  • Small amounts of scrap fabric for the backing, e.g. cotton or jersey – any scraps of fabric from clothing that cannot be donated
  • Small amounts of soft fabric for the cleansing pad side, e.g. towelling – such as old towels or flannel
  • Cup or glass to use as a template
  • Pen and scissors
  • Needle and thread or sewing machine

How to:

  1. Draw around your cup template on the reverse of your backing fabric and cut out.
  2. Repeat for the soft fabric.
  3. Place fabrics right side together and place a pin in the centre to hold in place.
  4. Backstitch/machine sew around the edge around 4mm from the edge, leaving a 5cm gap.
  5. Turn your sewing right side out and push out all of the edges from the inside.
  6. Carefully turn under both edges in the gap to form a neat circle.
  7. Whip stitch the gap closed and secure your thread.

Top tip:

You may find squares easier to sew on a sewing machine.