Sharing, swapping and renting clothes

There are some cool alternatives to buying, if you want to look stunning and go easy on your pocket.

For that special occasion, why not look into renting an outfit? This way you can be more adventurous with your look, and wear some real catwalk couture for a fraction of the cost.

Why not check out:

And while you’re at it, why not hire the bags, shoes and jewellery to go with your clothes, at:

And for a bit of give and take, you could try organising a clothes swap. Invite some friends over with their unwanted clothing and see what you can swap – you’ll come away with new things for your wardrobe that haven’t cost you a bean. Then there’s ‘swishing,’ where you set out all of the clothes you’re happy to swap, and take it in turns to choose from what everyone is offering. Some local councils and community groups organise larger scale clothes swaps and ‘swishing’ events. Why not pop along to an event near you? gives some great advice on arranging your own event, or you can find out what’s happening near you on our events listing page. And if you’re hosting a community clothing swap or swishing event soon, let us know.

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