Christmas sweatshirt decorated with presents.

Transform an old jumper into an all singing and dancing Christmas jumper

A guest post from Fix Up Look Sharp showing how to make a DIY Christmas jumper – no sewing required.

  1. Dig out an old jumper (we find a plain crew neck sweatshirt works best, but a knitted jumper or cardigan would work too).
  2. Cut out festive shapes from scraps of old fabric; think candy canes, presents or baubles. We also love a simple Christmas tree.    
  3. You’ll then need to get your hands on some bondaweb. This magic stuff allows you to attach your Christmas shapes without even threading a needle (unless you want to).
  4. Cut the bondaweb to the same shape as the fabric patch (slightly smaller), and place paper side down and iron.
    Bond i web.jpg
  5. Peel off the paper backing.    
  6. Place the fabric shape, bondaweb side down, on your chosen sweatshirt and iron.
  7. (Optional) If you have a sewing machine, make sure your patch is super secure by machining around the outside using a zig zig stitch. Try using a metallic thread to add some extra detail.
  8. Ta dah! Your patch is now fixed to your jumper. (This one is the start of a small present – ribbon and embellishments to be added!)
    ironed patch.jpg
  9. To add more detail, layer up the shapes. You can use paper to test out the layout and positioning.
  10. Voila! Use this simple technique to fix whichever Christmas themed shapes you want onto your chosen fabric.


This is only the start. Can you sew on a button? Then you can sew on some bells. Have some ribbon or metallic thread to hand? Stitch or glue this on to add a bow to a present or border to a patch. The possibilities are endless! 

Thanks to Fix Up Look Sharp for sharing this tutorial.