Selection of fabric and haberdashery.

What is refashioning and upcycling?

There’s a revolution going on – as more and more people are finding, refashioning and upcycling is the ultimate expression of your individuality.

Did you know: in the UK around a third of the clothing we own – valued at around £30 billion – goes unused? That means you could be sitting on more than £1,000 worth of clothes that you don’t even wear.

Upcycling means taking something you no longer do anything with, and giving it a new life as something practical and creative.

But repurposing and restyling what you’ve already got – turning shirts into skirts, or customising your cardies – is about much more than just saving money. It’s about releasing your creativity and innovative spirit. It’s about drawing on inspirational design to find your unique style. It’s making clothes with heart – things that really mean something to you, and say something about you.