Denim skirt.

Capsule wardrobe fun

Most people think capsule means ‘less clothes to choose from’. And they’d be right – but it’s not as scary as you may think! Stick with us on this…

A seasonal capsule wardrobe means clothing items are limited but possible outfit combinations are not. As little as 10 items could create 50 different looks. How many outfits from these Spring clothing items could you create?

  1. Bootleg/flare jeans
  2. Skinny style jeans
  3. Denim skirt
  4. Work suit
  5. Plain shirt
  6. Patterned shirt
  7. Neutral cardigan
  8. Black strappy top/evening top
  9. Bright coloured vest
  10. Jacket

By adding different types of jewellery, flat shoes, high shoes, pumps, tights, makeup, belts etc you can make loads of outfits for just one season!

We managed to make 54; how many can you create with the clothes you have at home?