Dirty Laundry Doodles!

At Love Your Clothes, our aim is to reduce the impact of clothing on the environment. We can all do little things to help, like washing our clothes at 30°C.

Dirty Laundry Doodles

This makes our clothes last longer, so we wear them longer, reducing the impact on the planet. Not to mention it uses 40% less energy than washing at higher temperatures. It's a small change we can all do, but it makes a big difference.

We invited talented UK illustrators to air their dirty laundry with us, all to help us spread the word that 30 is definitely the new 40!

Why wash at 30°C?

Lightning bolt Stack of coins T-shirt with a smiley face design Clock Footprints

Energy saving

Financial saving

Save your colours

Longer lasting colours

Reduces carbon footprint

Did you know...

A wash at 30°C can clean your clothes just as well as at 40°C? For less dirty clothes, it can be just as hygienic, whilst saving electricity AND money. Win!

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