Dad and small boy playing football.

Four top tips to help you get (football) shirty!

Football shirts get so last season – every season.

But when you treat yourself to the latest kit, there's no need to bin the old one.

Here are four great ways to help old football shirts re-live their glory days.

1. Bank it

There are loads of textile banks where you can take your old, unwanted football shirts. Use our recycling locator to find your nearest recycling bank.

2. Pass it on

If you don’t have a textile bank near you, there are plenty of other options.

Find a friend that will love it, and pass it on to them.

Make the most of door-to-door collections in your area. Use the charity collection bags that come through your door – or take them directly to your local charity shop.

3. Give and go

You can donate your old strip to specialist charities like Football 4 Africa or Kits 4 Causes.

They'll pass on your unwanted strip to those in need. For details on how to donate, simply visit their websites.

4. Easy does it

You might not even need to move to give your old shirt a new life.

Simply check with your local council to see if they take textiles as part of their recycling service.