Father and daughter pinning clothes on a washing line.

Get fresh – refresh! Top three tips to freshen up your clothes

There are a number of ways to freshen up your clothes without having to wash them.

Here are our top three to get you started.

1. Dare to air

Airing is a really useful alternative to laundering clothes that just need freshening up.

And it's very simple – just hang clothes outside on a washing line or on a hanger in a steamy bathroom.

2. Freezy does it

The low temperature in a freezer kills off the bacteria that cause odours. This is really useful for garments such as jeans that can lose their fit when washed.

Again, it's a simple fix – just put the garment in a large freezer bag and place in the freezer overnight.

3. DIY deodoriser

If you fancy being a bit more creative, try your hand at making your own deodoriser.

You'll need: large freezer bags; cheap vodka and a spray bottle

Here's how:

  • Using a spray bottle, apply a light misting of vodka to your garment. The alcohol deodorises fabrics. Don’t worry – it won’t leave your clothes smelling of vodka
  • You can add a few drops of essential oil or lemon rind if you want some fragrance
  • You'll need to let the garment dry before wearing it.